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Atkt is an innovative A Platform Showcasing India's College Talent & Festivals. which combines captivating design and flawless functionality in a site.

Made to be used by anyone who is looking for a stunning multifunctional website.

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  • We Use

    • Html
    • Css
    • Bootstrap
    • Jquery
    • Wordpress

ux research

UX research helped us find commonalities across our target audience before designing Atkt.

As you probably know, UX research encompasses a variety of investigative methods used to add context and insight to the design process. We used the expertise of our UX designers to create a model of how the designed template should look.

ui design

Next stage of this project was designing the UI, a vast part of the design, with which people would interact closely (menus, buttons, tabs, accordions etc.)

Creating UI for Atkt was a challenging and multi-faceted task. That’s why we needed to draw in lots of talented designers who helped us with extended research of necessary interface elements, their possible interpretation by users, and smooth integration of the most used components, such as sliders, breadcrumbs, buttons, modals, lightbox, text fields etc.


At the final stage of this project, our developers implemented all ideas of our designers into this HTML template.

During the development of Atkt, our experts tried to improve the template even more and provide it with modern functionality of Bootstrap Framework. After Complete Html our development team implement this Html to Wordpress site. It helped us to make Brave install and launch very quickly, without any unnecessary coding.

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